Start the adventure

Well… is it an adventure? I am not sure, but there is a lot of work ahead.

I have to start with the theory. This will take several months. I am CCNP certified, so the basic knowledge is there (although it has been a while, last re-certification I did was based on one of the CCNP Datacenter exams).

So, Network Principles, Layer 2, Layer 3, VPN, Infra Security and Services and Evolving Technologies. Bought myself the Exam Cert Guide for version 5.1. And I think I go over the following books briefly:

  1. Advanced MPLS Design
  2. Cisco LAN Switching
  3. End-to-End QoS Network Design
  4. Deploying IP Multicast
  5. Deploying IPv6 Networks
  6. Interconnections – Bridges, Routers Switches
  7. Internet Routing Architectures
  8. Internetworking with TCP/IP
  9. MPLS Fundamentals
  10. Routing TCP/IP Vol 1
  11. Routing TCP/IP Vol 2
  12. TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 – The Protocols

That will keep me busy for some time. In the meantime I will build myself a lab. One with some old spare hardware from work (not the stuff that is recommended, but it will do the job). And some in IOU, where I can quickly play around.

Then I have one quick question for you out there: I run into a problem with posting comments on this blog. It generates an error, but the comment is posted nevertheless. If you have seen similar issues, please let me know how to resolve it (has something to do with one of the php scripts of wordpress).

Thanks for joining.




Edit: Problem with posting is solved. Had to downgrade PHP from version 7 to 5.5, and now the error does not appear anymore.